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55lbs to lose.



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    Interesting citoplam gets a mention in relation to weight loss, I was on that for years and was ballooning but never thought it could be attributed to that. I put on lots when I went on Depo Provera or whatever its called (Pill Injection) and funny when I went on the pill I was 10.5 (at the time), felt I had another half stone to lose but couldn't lose anything more after going on the pill.
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    I think if you base your meals around vegetables and fruit for pudding, cut out oils and fats / eating biscuits/sweets/chocolates/alcohol etc a person will lose weight or not gain anymore at least.
    What are people taking citalopram for is it anxiety/ depression? I've had depression myself and I know how bad it can be and I would say to anyone try to work out whats causing it. Then work towards addressing the root causes.
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    It's not easy but is worth it, i've lost 77Ibs so far this year, 79.5 in total (5st 9 1/2) and have 77 1/2 (5st 0.5) to go and plan another 2-3 stone by NYE. You definitely have the support and motivation to do this and we are all here, it's frustrating at times (4Ib gain this week but only the second gain this year), but feels great to do it. My problem is pizza takeaways! I have mental health problems and take Lithium so understand that side. Enjoy it (you really can I promise), sounds like you're making great changes already x
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    For me, a combination of exercise and eating less has been successful. I have yo-yo dieted all my life, and tried exercise on its own, but finally I seem to have found a combination that works. I started cycling to work in April, and at the same time cut my food intake, and I have lost over 3½ stone so far. I'm loving the exercise, and I don't feel too deprived of food. The key to me was cutting out sugar almost completely, and avoiding all processed foods where possible. I was never a fan of fizzy drinks or sweets, but biscuits were my downfall. Strangely, within a couple of weeks of cutting sugar, my tastes changed, and I now love green tea, for example (couldn't stand it before). I still have biscuits, but it's one or two rather than a packet at a time. If you want motivation for cutting sugar out, have a look at Sweet Poison by David Gillespie (

    I love cycling, so doing more of that was no hardship, but walking is just as good. How about getting a Fitbit and aiming for 10,000 steps a day? I'm absolutely convinced that if you eat less, and eat 'clean', and move your a$$ more than you used to, you can't fail to lose weight.

    If you're a Facebook user, there is a group there called 'Fat Club - Eat Less, Move More' who are very supportive. It's a closed group, so no-one but you need know you are in it.
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