Help! Getting out of mortgage with ex-partner


I split with my ex-partner around 26 months ago.

We have been on quite good terms and also had a mortgage together.

I moved out immediately and paid 50% of the mortgage monthly up until now.

To cut a lot a long story short, my patience is wearing thin and I want to dispose of my mortgage obligations.

Actually about a month ago she told me she was going to put the house on the market, this hasn't materialised and it is beginning to strain my relationship with my fianc!e to the point where my patience isn't sufficient to keep things as they are.

I would like some advice on my options. So far I figured I can apply to transfer the equity. To be honest I would give her my share to have my name off the deeds tomorrow. Whether the mortgage company (Santander) would assess the risk favourably is another matter I guess. So if I can't transfer equity (I.e, gift it to her) then what else have I got in my arsenal going forward?

She still maintains that she intends to put the property for sale in a month or so but unfortunately I don't have time to wait or the inclination to believe that will come to fruition.

She has moved her new boyfriend in so apparently I no longer have to pay 50%.

I realise this may be a strange notion to give it away for nothing but I can do without the hassle. I wouldn't make a significant profit anyway perhaps £5-7k and money isn't everything....

Thanks for any advice forthcoming it will really be appreciated.


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