Property management issue - advice please!

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Hello Everyone,

Just need an advice,

I recently purchased a flat in a tenement block. The full block is run by a property manager. There is two entrance to the building a back entrance with a communal gate which leads to an access pathway to my building.

I don't have keys for the back building door and the communal gate. so I requested a copy from the property manager. But they seem unhelpful and stated that they don't hold keys and I should go around asking my neighbours for a copy :mad:

I am not sure how to approach this, I thought it's their responsibility to maintain access for all communal doors, so If an owner needs a copy they can extract it for them for a fee!
Is that a failure of service legally speaking?
What do I do? :( any advice is appreciated. I don't want to go around asking neighbours that I don't know, I do find it awkward.!

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    You need to speak to the neighbours at some point ... if the property manager doesn't have keys it doesn't matter if you take them to the Court of Session they still won't be able to give you keys which they don't have.

    However you should have been given all keys by the previous owner so it would be worth asking your solicitor to ask their solicitor if they've forgotten to give you the back door keys.

    If they don't you will have to speak to the neighbours.
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