spreadsheet help please

Hi Everyone - First ever MSE post :)

I've been lurking and reading lots and i'm totally inspired to look after what we have and start putting it to the best use... i.e. getting mortgage free asap!

Currently Owe £104k @ 5.37% with 19year 8 months left on the term and locked in for another 20months. :eek: With a 6% get out clause moving it isn't a viable option but overpaying is :) I would love to have a excel spreadsheet that I could input every OP and MP into and thought that you lovely lot might be able to recommend a 'ready made' one before i spend the next 3 days designing one lol :D Cheating but time saving. Any recommendations?
Started my MFW journey in August 14 : £103,650
2019 : £77,900


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