Left knee makes crunching noise - no pain

I am 37 years old, just contemplating to start running again but a little concerned on the impact on my "crunching knee"

For the last 6 months or so my left knee, makes a soft crunching noise when I get up or walk up the stairs. When I press on it with no standing pressure it sort of creaks very quietly!

There is no pain from it, just concerned about this at such a young age ;)


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    My knee crunches and has done for years (I am 42) and I did my first 10k race a couple of weeks ago without any pain (and running hasn't made my knee hurt in training either) so it's not necessarily going to be a problem. Don't get me wrong, it can be a symptom of something more, but it isn't that likely to be if there's no pain.

    Crepitus (the official name for it) when it doesn't hurt doesn't need treatment, so I'd just suggest building up gradually and if you get any pain, stop and get it checked out. Found this interesting article about it by a physiotherapist.

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