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Baby subscription boxes?

Hi all,

I have a good friend of mine that is giving birth in about 4 months and i wanted to know if baby subscription boxes were a good idea as a ongoing gift? They seem to have a selection of goods in them which i think a new mum would find useful and it a nice surprise every month.

Has anyone ever given these as gifts or gets one themselves and is it worth the money?


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    Haven't heard of subscription boxes. But visiting a lot of parenting forums I could tell there are several groups of mums. Some would like something like that box. Some would prefer something useful as pampers (or gift vouchers they would use for pampers :) ) and some are strongly oppose gifts like toys (they say - we would by educational toys we find suitable and so on). Practically 99% were saying that gifts of baby clothes were wrong - either they've got too many of the same size & didn't have a chance to exchange or it didn't work for the baby - like wrong season).

    Anyway, if you have that kind of friend it's easy for you to ask - do it. If you want to make some sort of surprise ... you have to double check what's in that subscription box... Did you consider to make "nappy cake" - you know, arrange nappies (of a different size) in a shape of cake, like in one of the episodes of Sex and the City?
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