Help stop the rise in Court Fees #saveukjustice

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Please help ask the government not to increase the fee for a general application in civil proceedings to £255


The government are proposing to increase the court fee for a general application in civil proceedings ( the N244 application used to ask to set aside a default judgment, apply for a stay, compliance with a 31.14 request, strike out a statement of case... and so on ) from £155 to £255.

A large number of people who receive a court claim need to use an application at some point during the defence of their case.

I believe this is a disproportionate rise and will have a detrimental affect on vulnerable consumers and only serve to further restrict access to justice.

I have started a petition to ask to government to reconsider. PLEASE SIGN

Last year the government held a consultation, 96% of respondents, including the law society and money advice service said NO to the raise. Yet the government have decided to go ahead with it regardless. You can see that consultation
The rises also include divorce court fee rising by £140 and the maximum court fee doubling from £10k to £20k for bringing high value cases ( such as for medical negligence / personal injury ).

I'm concentrating on the Application fee as this affects everyone who has ever received a court claim or default judgment.

Applications are generally made ex-parte in the following situations.

• to suspend a possession order to pay back mortgage or rent arrears in instalments;
• to suspend a warrant of possession for rent or mortgage arrears;
• to pay a county court judgment in instalments;
• to vary the terms of an instalment order on a county court judgment;
• to suspend a warrant of control to stop enforcement agent action;
• to pay the warrant in instalments as part of the suspension of a warrant of control;
• to ask for a stay of execution in the High Court to suspend a writ of control
• to ask for a transfer to your local court for a hearing;
• to vary the terms of a charging order or to pay by instalments on a charging order;
• to apply for a time order in the course of proceedings for eligible agreements under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (secured loans, hire purchase and conditional sale agreements and unsecured loan agreements);
• to set aside a judgment made in error or where there is a defence to the claim;
• to vary the terms of an attachment of earnings order or to apply for a consolidated attachment of earnings order.

I have started a petition to ask to government to reconsider. PLEASE SIGN and PLEASE SHARE


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