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Honeysuckle Dropping Leaves

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edited 25 July 2015 at 1:50PM in Greenfingered MoneySaving

My honeysuckle is new this season and has grown tremendously well. I have been feeding it regularly but have just come back from a week's holiday to find that it has dropped many of its leaves on the lower 1/3 of the stems. I gave them a good feed and water before I went away (tomorite).

There is plenty of fresh growth and the upper portion seems to be doing well still, but some of the more established leaves have a mould appearing on them.

Can anyone shed any light on what the possible cause may be and is there a recommended course of action? See Pics below (sorry about the multiple posts, but I needed to get my post count up to post pics)

It is growing against a south facing fence, but gets partial shade as it is directly underneath an apple tree. There were quite a few fallen apples around the roots, so it may be possible that these have tainted the soil (?).



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