Aldi clearance centre, edinburgh

in Scotland
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Aldi have just opened a clearance centre next door in what used to be the old MFI building (just along the parade from B & M) at Seafield Road, Edinburgh.

It's open Thursday to Sunday I believe 11 to 5 pm and is CARD ONLY. The place was buzzing and I managed to get a shed load of bargains, the prize one being 6 recessed spotlight set including bulbs for £3! Items start from 50p (food and the most expensive thing I saw was £10 for a motorbike crash helmet. Main things I noticed were small pieces of garden furniture, baby and children's clothing, LOTS of men's footwear and underwear.

Good luck!

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    I've been quite a few times since it opened and it's actually gone down hill since then. When it first opened you could get some really good stuff if you could get in the door, it's a lot quieter now and not so good.
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    this is completely run down now - less than half of the store as the big cardboard boxes of stuff in and the majority of those are nearing empty.

    seems they had one big lot of suff to offload and havent restocked it since.

    still quite alot of womens clothes and a massive pile of motorbike helmets.
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    It's now closed down and has been taken over and opened up as a poundworld
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