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Hi there,

Some of you may recall I had problems with my new pc's burner only burning in + format and my portable dvd player only playing in - (minus). Well I took the advice I got and went and bought a pioneer DVR 108. I have now installed this.

The problem that I have even now is when I burn a dvd in minus format my portable dvd player is still not picking it up! All I am getting is a "no valid disc" message yet the disc plays fine on my main player and my pc.

I am using Sonic record now! version 7 (which came already installed on the pc) to burn the discs. And have used 2 different makes of disc.

It may be worth pointing out I have also installed Nero 6 but when I have added files and clicked "next" the "burn" tabe on the final page is greyed out not giving me the option to burn.

Being a complete novice at this burning lark it could be something simple that I am doing or not doing.

Hope someone can help,


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  • Is your portable DVD player spec'd to play DVD-R?

    If it is (and the fact that the DVD plays on your main player suggests that there is no error with the DVD itself) try a different brand of DVD media - some of the 'cheaper' brands are rejected by certain hardware.

    Oh - and you might want to check here for Nero problems (or ask your Nero question there): Tech Support Forums. :)
  • I have this same problem Pete.G. My brother in law said you need to 'finalise' the disc to create an index that ordinary CD players need to read the disc (computers don't need it which is why the CDs play ok if they haven't got one).

    I'm going to try again now and will report back.


    PS I'm also using Sonic.
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  • Hi,

    The portable dvd player is set up to play DVD-R that was the point of getting a new burner because the old one only burned in + format and the player never recognised that.

    I have tried 2 brands of DVD-R now firstly Infinity's and secondly Datawrite yellow's, the crazy thing is I have quite a few dvd's bought from car boot sales that are written on datawrite yellows that work perfectly in my portable player. So i'm thinking it's got to be a problem with my the sonic software i'm using.

    I'll look forward to hearing how you get on "finalising" your disc Georgina, At least i'm not the only one banging my head against the wall with this problem.


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  • @Pete.g
    Sorry to hear of your continuing problems. I am pretty sure that the 108 is the best out their because of the many versions sold and the benefit of feedback from users. I have never heard of Sonic Record Now. However all products benefit from feedback from their users. Perhaps an email as to Sonic Record support can assist matters.
  • Given that other Datawrite 'Yellows' work OK on the portable device, it might be worth persevering with Nero, rather than Sonic Record (which is a totally new one on me).

    FWIW, I always find 'Ritek G04 dye' blanks work best for me - they do not need to be expensive either. are normally reasonable.
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    Can't understand your probs with Nero...are you using 'standard' or 'expert' mode?
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  • I still haven't had any joy either. There is no option to 'finalise' or anything like that. I'll keep trying!

    My Sonic software came FOC with my Dell computer.
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    Problem solved :D


    Bin the Sonic and use Nero 6. I am now able to burn discs that play on my portable player.

    The problem I had with nero was all my own doing I was'nt putting the compressed files in the "VIDEO TS" folder in the nero express window. ::)

    Thanks everyone for all your help,

    I'll get me coat!
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