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I have a choice between two Jobs one of the jobs is between 18-20 hours per week which is crap and the salary is £6.50 an hour. The other job is casual but good money and sometimes 15 hour shifts on one day. The problem is the job that is casual might not give me work one week and other weeks they may give me work an example is they want me to work this Friday 24th July but they haven't confirmed as of yet what is your opinion on this, which would you choose as both said jobs will clash??


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    if it were me, id go with the steady wage and although its only part time there may be the possibility of more hours or going full time if they think your good. your call, good luck
  • I too advise go with the guaranteed hours. You know where you are with it. You have money coming in, moreover with the time you are not working you have the opportunity to either pick-up another part-time job, or something with longer hours. I'd also, think it would look better on your CV having regular work.

    I used to work for Tesco - now retired - speciality Clubcard
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