Saving Hard & Feeling Miserable

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Hi All

We are getting married next August, and are saving most of our disposable income for the wedding. It was okay at first, but now we are struggling with not being able to do nice things and the thought of being like this for another 13 months is terrifying.

Our friends are constantly going on amazing holidays and doing nice things (albeit they don't have a mortgage or a wedding to pay for) and we are feeling a bit jealous right now!! Is it normal to feel like this in the run up to your wedding?

Hoping some of you guys might have some good ideas on how to have fun on a low budget - especially when we live in Glasgow and the weather is miserable outside?

All ideas welcome

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    Depends what sort of things you like to do I guess. The wedding is only 1 day, and if I were you, I would budget slightly lower, and make sure I enjoyed myself in the meantime. If you've had a miserable year (2 years?!) before the wedding, you may just feel really resentful on the day, which wouldn't help you at all.
  • Set a budget for the wedding & then set a small budget for socialising/entertainment.

    With the wedding budget then, try to find ways to cut costs. When we got married we had a fairly decent budget but it didn't stop me shopping around for the best prices, haggling on prices for lots of things & making our money go further. I had 3 flower girls and I had a budget of £50 per dress (they were only 2 so didn't want to spend huge amounts on something they'd ruin) I found the perfect dress for them in Monsoon, which were tagged at £45 so a saving of £5 per dress. When the sales assistant put the dresses through the till, they came up at £7 each!! OK this was down to luck, but I would have already saved on the budget based on the original price anyway and it felt good to make those savings. I had 4 bridesmaids & when we chose the dresses I then asked the shop how much they would discount them as I was buying the 4 bridesmaid dresses, plus my wedding dress and veil from them. They knocked off around 10% if I remember correctly and gave me the veil for free, so definitely worth asking.

    The other thing to do, decide which areas of the wedding you do want to spend more on (maybe the dress, food?) and then decide on the areas you are willing to compromise on, and then decide on the things that actually are not a necessity & will only be bought if you have extra money.

    One thing me & my OH did enjoy when we were wedding planning was visiting venues & going to wedding fayres. OK it's not the most exciting day out but they were free & when we visited the venues, most of them provided at least a free drink if you made an appointment with the wedding coordinator at the place :rotfl:.

    Just remember that it's not forever & one day it will be your friends saving for the wedding while you go on holiday : )

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    The wedding is one day.

    You and your OH have another 365+ days to make memories in. You never know what is round the corner, I would maybe save 50.00 less a month and spend that on just you two. A meal out, save it for two months and have a night away, etc.
    Life is too short to spend the time miserable as you put it.
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    If I want to do free/cheap stuff I go to the cinema (unlimited cineworld card), go for a run or walk, have a picnic, go to museums or even to the bingo (bingo parlours often have cheap or free evenings on a Thursday. I know this won't be for everyone though :D), beer burger at spoonies or Tesco vouchers at pizza express. There must be looooads more!
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    Oh and if you don't do this already then taking packed lunches to work rather than buying a sandwich/similar every day will save a fortune.
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    You don't have to have a big wedding!

    Sneak off to Gretna Green or Vegas
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    Enjoy yourself by looking out for bargains etc and deciding if you have areas where you feel you don't need to spend money!

    It's one day, no point spending 13 months being unhappy!
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  • My first post was actually about wedding budgets, and the fact some people do not have thousands to spend.

    It can be done quite cheaply if you have a garden big enough or a relative has, or a local farmer that will hire you a paddock for the wedding.

    I organised a special birthday party in my parents garden for 50 people for under 1k..(£800 to be exact).

    I had garden games, acres of bunting, Balloons, DIY photobooth, sweetie bar, bone china cake stands, but we had the room to do it, we decorated the carport to look like a marquee with some inexpensive fabric and the ceiling was covered in lots of clear fairy light from E-bay, it looked lovely.

    I arranged for a local farmer to deliver 30 bales of straw(which I dontated to the local Horse and Donkey sanctuary afterwards-they came with a horse box to collect it themselves) for seating and covered them with fabric for more comfort(ie throws).

    We also got some local caterers in to do the buffet..

    One thing I would say is do not mention this is for a wedding, you will find the price escalates, just say its a family party if they ask (well, it is!) :-)
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