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I need some ideas and I know you will be able to help. My DD's guide unit have been amazing this year and have made such a difference to my daughters life and I would like to show our appreciation in some way.

Apart from the one main leader, to whom I was considering a thank you letter and a gift voucher, there are a number of other leaders who also work hard and I am unsure what to give/do to show how grateful we are for the work they put in week after week.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received :D
Taking responsibility one penny at a time!


  • Hi I am a guide leader and I think it is lovely that you appreciate the leaders input.

    We don't often get thankyou's and when we do it makes it even more special. We do appreciate cards, sweets, candles etc and we have a parent who makes buns. However a simple thank you is all we ever need and a card will always put a smile on our faces
  • I agree - a little note or card to each of the leaders is one of the best thank yous. If your daughter is crafty, perhaps she could make something little for each like a keyring or decorate a mug.
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    Thank you both for your suggestions. I have sent a note of thanks and when the guides reconvene in the Autumn I will hand in a wee something for the leaders to share.
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