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Hello All,

I've been lurking for some time reading everyone's diaries and thought it's time to start my own. My debts have started to have such a massive impact on my mental health I need to sort myself out. I currently owe about £15,000. I'm a divorced mum of three who works full time and I have to admit I've hit rock bottom. I even thought gambling was the answer and even though it's not been massive amounts I know that it's not helping repay back my debts. I manage to pay the minimum amounts of my debts back every month but just the thought of how much I owe makes me feel sick! I need to get a grip and make a change it just all seems overwhelming so any suggestions I'd be really grateful for. Thank you for reading. X


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    No great advice -I'm useless at that kind of thing .
    Just wanted to wish you luck and let you know someone's reading :-)
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    I'm reading too hun. I can imagine that this must be a really tough time for you. I am new to MSE and I can confirm that people here are so helpful and no-one judges. Perhaps we should break the issue down a little? So for starters - I see that you are a mum of three and working full-time, that must mean that you spend quite a bit on groceries? There are usually ways to make wee cuts here and there. And those wee snips translate into pounds.

    I know it is tough hun but I find that looking at debt as a temporary challenge to be overcome rather than a problem really helps. I find it so satisfying even when I pay a tenner over the minimum on occasion. Please feel free to tell me to shove my glass is hall full attitude where the sun don't shine :-)

    Best wishes

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  • Thanks for the replies it's good to know I'm not alone and mrscobden the glass half full attitude is something I need to try hard to focus on. I tend to let everything get me down so I really need to give myself a kick up the bum and stop feeling sorry for myself. Sorry for the delay in replying. All three of my children caught a sickness bug at the start of the week and thought I'd got lucky and not caught it. How wrong I was! I'm going to spend the weekend working on a plan to start cutting my spending and paying off my debts quicker. I've been reading some of the diaries on here tonight and it's given me the motivation I need. :)
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