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I would appreciate advice please- so upset and confused

gemsar858413 Posts: 2 Newbie
edited 3 July 2015 at 10:25PM in Benefits & tax credits
Hello all,

I am new to the forum area of this magical website. I am very keen to get some advice on my situation before I decide what I can do about it.
I have only been receiving child tax benefits for one year (April 14- April 15).
Last April we had a whopping £4000 given to us as 'backpay' and continued monthly payments of around £200. On the day of receiving this we were very concerned as this was obviously based on the calculation from Apr 13- Apr 14. When we applied that year they said we were not entitled to anything- even though when the next year came they told us we had, hence the backpay. Our situation had changed slightly and we called them on that day to notify them of the chance in situation and that we did not think we were entitled to the money. The person said that he has updated the system and not to worry. We asked for this to be confirmed several times and he kept repeating to us that it does not make any difference and to tell them on the next renewal (now).
Last year was an up and down year, I think annual income together was around £24,000. Our son is 2 years old and since birth has had several medical issues which became more intense and serious during this time which meant that I worked when I could (I am a nurse and work on a adhoc basis) and my partner on SSP and also looking after our son.
Over the last couple of months I have become unable to work due to worsening of a chronic illness and my partner gave up work to care for my son. We have just been granted the highest level of Disability Living allowance for him and are also trying to claim housing, council tax, personal independence for me and Carers allowance for my partner. The is sounds an incredible amount and I'm still trying to accept how much help we do need at the moment as there is no income generated from us whatsoever.
We had a letter last week from the Child tax to say that again we would be receiving £200 appx monthly and that they would check to see if the fact that my son is on DLA increases it. Today we have had a letter saying that we are entitled to nothing. £0. I am so upset by this and so confused. They said that we are entitled to it, but because they were not aware of the change in circumstances last year, they have overpaid us and therefore will take all our entitlement back to account for what we owe!
I spoke to 3 different people on the phone and an apparent manager who all said we cannot get anything and that's that.
We did query it though, right from the get go and were assured that it was all fine and dandy. We have had conversations with them various times to update them of any P60's that came through and were assured they were updated but when checking they never were.
I'm just at such a loss at what to do. I hear of people being paid over £1000's wrongly and paying very small amounts back and not having their credits stopped so I'm baffled!

Can anyone help us at all?

Please know that we are not scroungers and I cannot wait to be able to bring some more income in to my family but its been a very tough couple of years and we need help more than ever.

Thankyou in advance to anyone who can help.

I really hope that there is something that you can do for us and if anyone needs more specific figures in order to do this I have got them.

Many many thanks for reading this and taking the time to help us.



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