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Have you ever considered a home gym?



  • DomRavioliDomRavioli
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    you what mate ?

    Re-read your post from an objective point of view.

    And I am not your mate. Sorry sweetheart!
  • stephen77stephen77 Forumite
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    DomRavioli wrote: »
    Re-read your post from an objective point of view.

    And I am not your mate. Sorry sweetheart!

    I have read your post.
    From a objective point of view. Your talking rubbish.

    How does lifting weights make you a idiot? Please explain.
  • GloomendoomGloomendoom Forumite
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    DomRavioli wrote: »
    Most people don't lift weights, because they end up being self obsessed idiots.

    Perhaps the most stupid/ill informed post that I have read so far on MSE.
  • Sharon87Sharon87 Forumite
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    Perhaps the most stupid/ill informed post that I have read so far on MSE.

    Agree. Lifting weights doesn't make people self obsessed idiots. Most people lift weights to tone/build muscle. I personally am trying to build some muscle because when I was on those fad diets as a teenager I lost muscle, so now I'm trying to rebuild that muscle.

    If you don't want to lift weights that's up to you, but I hope you'll be happy later in life when your muscle is wasting away.

    Back to the topic.

    I don't have room for a home gym, I live in a shared house with 3 others, so no spare room. I do have some dumbbells up to 4.5kg each, a medicine ball, a yoga ball and a yoga mat so I can do some exercises at home. But for cardio I always use the gym. I can't run far due to dodgy knees and ankles!
  • Daz2009Daz2009 Forumite
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    I have a spare bedroom so my girlfriend got me a 2nd hand multi-gym for my birthday and I've just bought some free weights of Ebay with a voucher I got from converting nectar points I'd accrued thru shopping at Sainsbury's.
    Upshot is the whole caboodle has cost me nowt,true MSE :)

    Much more convenient for me to train at home than having to make the effort to go to a gym.
    Girlfriend goes the gym mind :)
  • Had one in the past, actual gym for me
  • MariaC9MariaC9 Forumite
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    I'm really interested in getting in on the whole home gym thing. At the moment I've just got a JTX treadmill which was a good price and is working wonders for me. My general fitness has really been boosted and it folds up so it doesn't take up too much space. I've had it for about 6 months now and am thinking about adding something else to the mix- maybe a vibration plate for muscle toning.

    I think it's a better investment as I get to workout out whenever I want, without anyone seeing my sweat patches!
  • Yes, we have a home gym. We are 6 adults as my kids are 18 to 23 so we all use it. We have a Concept 2 rower, treadmill, spinning bike and free weights (kettle bells, dumbbells, bar bell etc). To protect our floor we have bumper mats. The whole thing cost us about £3k to set up although not all at once. We have built it up over the years.

    For us its the convenience of being able to use it whenever we want which we do daily.
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    When looking to buy a house with a sibling a few years back, before we'd even viewed the house the estate agent told us "you can hear next door when she's exercising on her treadmill and bike....."

    So I hope those with gyms are thinking how quiet/not they are and how annoying it is for the neighbours who are trying to tuck into a nice fat slice of pie with a pile of chips. We don't want to hear you sweating when we're eating!
  • HurdlerHurdler Forumite
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    Interesting. I have a stack of home gym equipment to mimic almost all of the rehab sessions I do with a PT from the gym, in my room. I am contemplating ordering the 16kg kettlebell... not for the additional weight but more for the LOLZ watching the Yodel delivery driver trying to handle it!

    I still have my gym membership for the cardio side and the pool - also part of the same regime, and try and do the rehab exercises before heading to the gym to cut down on the parking fees in town (ever MSE!)

    Oh, and I lift too...
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