Cheap Just Married/His & Her Decorations for a Room?

My mum and her boyfriend have just gotten married last week and they are currently on their honeymoon abroad. As a nice surprise I thought I got decoration their house for when they get back (by house I mean their living room and bedroom). I already have Mr & Mrs bunting and everywhere I look people suggest bunting!

Anyway I was thinking maybe stuff like ballons, flowers, maybe something personalised like a Mr & Mrs pillow or a balloon arch? I have no idea what to do or what else to get!

If anyone could give any suggestions (preferably cheaper ones as I want to get them a lot of things) that would be great thank you!


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    Confetti (bulk from eBay)
    Thinking on it, a wedding decoration pack? Saves on postage but presumes everything for the big day was used.?

    Less decoratively perhaps, wedding photos dotted around, but in pride of place a nice bottle holder & glasses with a welcoming note advising where the ice, champagne & heat-&-eat home cooked meal are stashed.

    Flower arrangements (artificial & ideally resembling the wedding flowers, or fresh hedgerow in an eggcup - whichever you have time/resources for!) by the bed & in the bathroom, along with candles & boxes of matches (or lighters).

    If they have any gardening inclinations, a couple of rose bushes? Still in pot awaiting planting, but with pots decorated with ribbon?

    If they would be amused, "His" & "Hers" teacups/mugs? Or whatever is wildly gender-biased but still works as a mug from B&M or a pound shop?

    Above all check the fridge is sorted for brews, cereal & an upmarket sandwich meal in case they are jet lagged & longing for a bite & brew!
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    Home Bargains have a good range, nice and good prices too.
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