Prepaid Meter has hit me with bill??

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Hi, looking for any advice or info.

I had a prepaid meter for 15+ yrs. In Feb I contacted my supplier to check I had no outstanding debt which I didn't (apparently) & therefore asked to change to pay monthly. My meters got changed in April both with £50 credit on. 9 weeks later I received a bill of £628 for gas alone working out at £69.78 a week. I have spoken/disputed this with 3 different employees who have told me that is what I have used since April & I need to pay in full. My flat has been empty for 5 of those weeks so it is outrageous I could have used that amount. Today I spoke to the 4th person who has now said the debt is from 2011/2012 when my prepaid meter wasn't set correctly. 4 years I haven't heard anything about this for, I have called to check I have no debt and been informed severely times I do not & now they are saying they can't check details as my prepaid meters have been removed. Isn't the point of prepaid meters is so debt doesn't accumulate? How can they hit me with a £600 bill 4 years later after telling me I have no debt only 4 months ago?? On top of that a £55 charge for not paying it already. I thought u couldn't come of prepaid if u had debt. As it stands they are investigating it but does anybody know if I should be disputing this. Any help greatly appreciated thanks


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    You can dispute this. It's a little early in the morning to go into specifics but basically you raise a complaint with the supplier and if that is not resolved you take it to the next step.
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  • I have raised a complaint with supplier but just wondering what my rights are on this to argue my case if needed. Thanks for ur help
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    Leanne1510 wrote: »
    I have raised a complaint with supplier but just wondering what my rights are on this to argue my case if needed. Thanks for ur help

    The first argument you need to pursue is if you actually owe the money.

    Did you write and get confirmation you had no debt?

    You need to write(not phone) a letter - headed complaint - and get in writing the reason(s) how this alleged debt occurred.
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