Hi all,my girl molly (10 yr old shitzu) suddenly went blind 3 years ago,at the time the vet suspected a tumour.nothing was going to bring her sight back so we muddled along,retrained her and she has been doing fantastic,2 weeks ago her left eye looked pretty inflamed and she was pulling away when cuddling her,a trip to the vet and the diagnosis was glaucoma,she was prescribed metcalm,azopt and isathal.at this consultation the vet advised that her eye would be better out,but would give it a few days on the meds,at her follow up with a different vet he thought glaucoma was the reason for her blindness 3 years ago and noticed a deep ulcer,now I,m unclear if the ulcer is causing pain or glaucoma,this vet added exocin and pardale for her pain,discontinuing the isathal,has anyone any experience of this or any advise they can give?,molly seems fine at the minute but its swings and roundabouts,shes sleeping more,probably due to meds.thanks for any info.
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