Stopping child's swimming lessons?

I have an 8 year old who is currently in stage 6 of the ASA swimming framework. He is very confident in the water, has some good stamina and technique and we're pleased with his level.

He is currently on his 3rd round of the stage 6 lessons with the current pool we go to and in September will be starting to go swimming 3 times a week with school for a term as part of the curriculum. Because of this we weren't planning on paying extra for more lessons on a weekend for him until after Christmas as 4 times a week seems like overkill!

Anyway, he's now saying that he knows how to swim and doesn't want to do lessons anymore and, given that he's strong and confident, we're wondering whether it's really necessary to keep going, unless he wants to swim competitively one day.

Has anyone got any experience of stopping children's lessons they would be willing to share?


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    My three all stopped once they could swim confidently as soon as they asked to. I really didn't see the point in paying for lessons they were no longer enjoying once they didn't need to have them.
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    Once kids can swim confidently, it becomes a question of whether they want to continue it as an activity they enjoy and potentially want to compete in. My DD showed very good ability and loved it when she was about 8, but she gradually decided she wasn't keen any longer, and gave it up shortly after that. She now shows no interest in being in water at all, be it the sea or a swimming pool.

    DS was never that interested, but I encouraged him to continue until he was a confident swimmer. He stopped the lessons when he was 8, but at 12, he loves snorkeling and we can't get him out of the sea during holidays!
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    We stopped as soon as our daughter could swim 25m unaided. She was 6. She then had one weekly swimming lesson with school until the end of year 2.

    At 9 she is now very confident in any depth of water, but has no interest in swimming.

    If he shows interest better to join a swimming club, but be prepared for serious commitment. 1-2 hours before school if they get to competition level!
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    I spoke to him about it again last night and he is happy to stop going to the lessons after this, especially as he'll be going so much with school.

    He absolutely loves the water and I just want him to be safe but he can swim at least 10 lengths without stopping.

    I think I might enrol him in the odd crash course that our pool do to keep up his strength in the holidays.

    Between swimming, karate and football his diary is getting a bit full and it's costing us so happy to save some £.
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    I did lessons as a kid right up until I dislocated my knee at 11 I had to take a break for 8-10 weeks then the physio said the water would help with my recovery so I went back for a further term by then the school was taking us once a week anyway so my mum stopped the additional

    I went on to represent the air cadets in swimming and won a few medals but that was about it. I did do a life saving course though through the cadets so not cost to my mum and it was well worth doing it and I would recommend it to anyone it only took about an hour to an hour and half and was very useful.
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    It's not necessary to have lessons, let him stop them. As for the 'framework' and that he might want to swim for a club at a later date, it's irrelevant. You'll just join the club and they'll soon know which bunch is best for him to join.

    I'd not swum for about 30 years when I randomly got into the sea the other year - I was more than happy enough .... no problems whatsoever. You don't forget. Strength doesn't disappear - unless you're planning on going on a cruiseship that sinks and you need him to swim 10 miles to shore.
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