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Hi everyone

I know that I have a thread open asking for advice on my finances but I have decided to start this as a new thread as its a new start for me (i know it sounds daft but makes sense in my head!!!!)

My fresh new start begins tomorrow and I am soooooo geared up for it I have even changed my purse from the huge one I normally carry around to a cute little one that now holds £3.00 and my key (out go the cappucinos from the canteen here come the decaff t bags brought to work from home!!!!)

Thanks to everyone for the helpful hints and tips on my previous thread and I hope you all stay with me and shove a rocket upmy @rse when its needed :rotfl:

x x x x


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    Good luck! I just separated my purses too! I have 3 though, one that contains all my cards with debts on them and ive stuck the totals on them to inspire me, one for shopping (monthly cash budget and vouchers etc) and the usual one for all manner of discount cards etc that wont be used very much in the last 12 months!

    Jo x
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    Week 1 - so far (since last Monday) I have spent 23.32 :mad: my pound sign wont work. This may sound like a lot but......................It was time to get the barnet done so I didnt have the usual cut and finish approx 30 i went for the dry trim option 15 quid - result. Also as it was pay day i had to pay by bonus balls at work - 2.oo, for the month, and put lottery on for wed and sat (normalle boyf pays for this) 4.00 and got tricked into buying a pack of ciggies for boiyf 2.77 - must get that money back off him, the chancer - so when i take all that into consideration its not that bad really!!!!! :cool: well, its better than it would have normally been!!!! Determind to spend no money what so ever this weekend and will give myself a tenner for next week which will be ample.

    Im still proud of myself (normally spend most of my money in the first week after pay day!!) :j
  • Sounds like you've done really well to me! I managed one whole no spend day out of seven, which is pants!!
    I think I will be better off when the kids go back to school, as I won't have to drag them round the shops with me and I can work longer hours to rack up some overtime. £9.50 one day on comics alone!! must learn to say 'No' more often!:o

    Ah yes, just remembered, one of those comics was a mag for me, one of my achilles heels magazines!
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    hellooooooooooo there uptomyeyesindebt - i must be sooo difficult to do no spend days when you have kids to entertain - i dont think I could do it!!!!

    Magazines - the glossy covers and pages of gossip are just soooooooo hard to resist!!!! :D
    I have spent 3.00 this whole weekend - woohoo :j (my share of the maccy d's breakfast this morning - i cant give up smoking and my fave brekkie!!!) EXTREMELY proud of myself - made some choccie brownies and cooked sunday roast for mother in law to keep me out of the shops.

    Next week - BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!
    Will be back tomorrow for update - lets see how many no spend days we can do this week.

    Hope everyone has a good week

    x x x x x x
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    i can relate to the magazines, i couldnt bare to think how much i have bpent on OK etc over the last few years, definatly a big weakness of mine. I am aiming to have at least 3 no spend days this week!
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    i use to spend loads on magazines, but now I have been buying really cheap books from ebay and boot sales. also my motherinlaw buys tones of magazines and passes them down to me.
    :A Tomorrow's just another day - keep smiling
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    My mum does that it drives the boyf mad as he will come home to find hundreds of mags!!!!!!!

    Spent 50p today!!!!!!!! (the cherry scoe was soooooooooo worth it)

    :dance: :dance:
  • The magazines is a weekness of mine as well :). Goodluck!
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    What magazines do you buy?
    There is still an offer on to get Reds and Elle magazines for £12 for 12 months each.
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    Hi everyone - its beenat least a week and its not good news unfortunately.

    My situation has changed vastly in this time and I have had to start a DMP, however, I have spoken to a wonderful man at brightoaks who has set my plan up and as I have a decent amount of disposable income I should be able to have everything paid in 6 years.
    I feel so much less stressed.
    I am still gonna keep my debt diary though as I want to make extra payments and try to clear it all a bit earlier.
    My spending has been horrific this last week so gonna start my spending diary as it was such a help!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you to everyone as you have all given me so much fantastic advice and I hope you will continue to read me diary.

    zoe x x x x x
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