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    You've done it again CW and sent me off on a ponder. Two things - I wonder if any progress on this scheme helps to bolster confidence in the Morocco to UK scheme and vice versa, presumably can't do any harm. And secondly I was thinking about all of that desert land with PV. Presumably some shade will help the local flora and fauna, a bit like wildflowers and pollinators benefit from PV over grass in the UK. Assuming of course that the 'disruption' is beneficial to a desert environment, and how desirable a desert is.

    [Just done a quick bit of Googling on deserts:

    A desert is a barren area of landscape where little precipitation occurs and, consequently, living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life. The lack of vegetation exposes the unprotected surface of the ground to the processes of denudation.

    Denudation is the name for the processes of erosion, leaching, stripping, and reducing the mainland due to removal of material from higher to lower areas like valleys, river valleys, lakes and seas with a permanent filling of low lands.]

    Well Mart, I believe early indications from investigations into photovoltaics with regard to hotter, dryer terrain has shown there to be an increase in returns of the crops grown coupled with a reduction in irrigation requirement, both due to lower soil temperatures while of course accompanied by energy output. So who knows what the potential benefits from Solar farms might be when located in warmer climates in association with cultivation once best practises have been determined.
    For climates such as ours where sunshine is less intense and rainfall more prevalent then the advantages, other than increased bio diversity, grazing of sheep and improved soil conditions are still to be determined regarding the cultivation of crops.

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    Exxon now 'telling the truth'? Might be a long time before I trust them, but always good to see denial on the decline. Most of the article (and the interview it comes from) is about carbon capture and Exxon's plans to be involved ..... what could possibly go wrong?

    Exxon CEO says no new gas cars globally by 2040, goes wolf in sheep’s clothing about CO2
    Of particular note is that he seems to think that sales of new gas-powered passenger vehicles will end in 2040 globally – before even many governments do. Some governments have set a target earlier than that – for example, 2035 in California and Europe (some European countries will go even earlier); 2030(-ish) in Washington; and the gold standard, 2025 in Norway. But there are others that have either set no target or that have set later targets, like China’s and Japan’s 2035 targets that still allow gas cars, and the US, which currently has no target but the earliest nationwide proposal is for 2045.
    In the interview, Woods completely failed to take responsibility for Exxon’s tremendous contributions to climate change. When Faber asked whether there is any question that climate change is human-made, Woods stated that there’s no question it is and that “it was always understood that CO2 in the atmosphere had potential for warming.”

    This statement is true; scientists have known for a long time that CO2 increases warming and that humans are causing this. But Woods blatantly ignored a half-century of Exxon’s efforts to cast doubt on climate science, which it is currently being tried in court over and which McCoy admitted to in Greenpeace’s investigation. Exxon knew climate change was happening and lied about it, and Woods not only doesn’t acknowledge those lies but claims Exxon never told those lies – which is, itself, another lie.

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    Short article setting out a brief description of the clean energy plans for the G7 countries. 

    Where do G7 countries like the US, Japan, and Germany stand in their shift to clean energy?

    UK: The UK plans to generate ​​95% of its electricity from low carbon sources by 2030. This includes plans to expand offshore wind to ​​50 GW by 2030, and increase solar capacity by up to five times by 2035. This puts the UK in a great position to meet the clean power by 2035 ambition.

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    The national grid wants to offer TOU tariff via your smart meter.
    Plan to cut energy bills if you avoid peak-time use - BBC News
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    gefnew said:
    The national grid wants to offer TOU tariff via your smart meter.
    Plan to cut energy bills if you avoid peak-time use - BBC News
    Some of us took part in the Octopus trial. It was quite engaging to try and reduce energy use in a 2-hr window.
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    Ofgem caps explained - October 2021 and April 2022
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    I took part too, from an already low base in many cases.

    It's also a possibility with the new cap in October that Octopus Agile, the half hourly tariff, will become viable again. There are so many variables though, but in my case with a fix finishing around about then for 15p day/5p for 4 hours at night the only thing that is certain is a wince inducing increase.

    I can afford it and am a low user, but I fear for the many who can't.
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    Couple of policy news articles.

    First, the EU have reached a deal on emissions reductions. I thought it might be stalled due to Germany trying to bolster their ICEV industry, but a 'reasonable' compromise has been reached.

    EU countries reach climate crisis deal after late-night talks

    EU countries clinched deals on proposed laws to combat the climate crisis in the early hours of Wednesday, backing a 2035 phase-out of new fossil-fuel car sales and a multibillion-euro fund to shield poorer citizens from the costs of carbon dioxide emissions.

    After more than 16 hours of negotiations, environment ministers from the 27 member states agreed their joint positions on five laws, part of a broader package of measures to slash planet-heating emissions this decade.

    “The climate crisis and its consequences are clear, and so policy is unavoidable,” EU climate policy chief Frans Timmermans said, adding that he thought the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a major supplier of gas, was spurring countries to quit fossil fuels faster.
    Italy, Slovakia and other states had wanted the phase-out delayed to 2040. Countries eventually backed a compromise proposed by Germany, the EU’s biggest car market, which kept the 2035 target and asked Brussels to assess in 2026 whether hybrid vehicles or CO2-neutral fuels could comply with the goal.

    Timmermans said the commission would keep an “open mind” but that at present, hybrids did not deliver sufficient emissions cuts and alternative fuels were prohibitively expensive.

    And secondly, no surprises, the UK isn't doing enough to meet the targets it is setting, especially regarding home energy efficiency. But we are doing really well on RE leccy generation.

    Government policies will not get UK to net zero, warns damning report

    The government is failing to enact the policies needed to reach the UK’s net zero targets, its statutory advisers have said, in a damning progress report to parliament.

    The Climate Change Committee (CCC) voiced fears that ministers may renege on the legally binding commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, noting “major policy failures” and “scant evidence of delivery”.

    Lord Deben, the chair of the committee and a former Conservative environment secretary, said the government had set strong targets on cutting emissions but policy to achieve them was lacking. “The government has willed the ends, but not the means,” he said. “This report showed that present plans will not fulfil the commitments [to net zero].”

    He said net zero policies were also the best way to reduce the soaring cost of living. Average household bills would be about £125 lower today if previous plans on green energy and energy efficiency had been followed through. “If you want to deal with the cost of living crisis, this is exactly what you need to do,” he said.
    In its annual progress report to parliament, the CCC set out how it has monitored milestones on the way to meeting the net zero goal. On some, the government is performing well – renewable energy generation, for instance, has increased substantially and electric vehicle take-up has been boosted by the government’s target of phasing out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

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