Wedding Venue Breach of contract?

Hi all, I'm new here and was looking for some advice with what i think is a breach of contract.

Myself and my O/H booked a wedding venue and paid our deposit earlier this year.
A month later, due to unforeseen personal circumstances, we needed to swiftly change our wedding plans.
I looked through all the documentation and website and they had no T&C's and no where did they mention the deposit was non-refundable so i asked them. I explained and fully expected to be charged some kind of fee, but they kept the full deposit.
They said the deposit was non refundable (which was the first time they told me)
They also said companies like this are exempt from giving a cancellation policy.
Whilst i think this is unfair, i agree it is the case, but if somewhere doesnt have to give a cancellation policy, surely they need to tell the consumer that they dont have the right to a cancellation policy/return of their deposit?


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