Best GPS running app for Iphone 5S

I was mid-run yesterday when my phone stopped being able to find my Nike+ sensor. Rather than buy another sensor, I wondered if I should get a free GPS running app for the phone (e.g. Strava).

Does anyone have any experiences or recommendations, please?

Thanks very much in advance!


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    I'm a Nike+ Running user with an iPhone 5. I've not used the separate Nike shoe sensor since I upgraded from the iPhone 3GS a few years ago. The phone's inbuilt GPS works really well. I also have a Fitbit Charge wristband, but because it has no GPS and instead estimates distance based on how big you've told it your stride is, it's not as good for accuracy. I think the Nike+ Running app works fine on its own.

    Hubby uses Map My Run with an iPhone 3GS and a Wahoo Fitness Key which he uses to link to his heart monitor. It may just be the phone, but he finds the GPS tracking is very unstable with this setup and frequently drops out or thinks he's suddenly across town. He uses a Garmin Forerunner watch. He's a bit more serious than I am!
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    I also use Nike+ but without the shoe sensor. I've found that recently the GPS is a lot better than what it's been in the past. I'm now using an iPhone 5S too.

    I've tried other apps in the past but I never really got on with them whereas I really like just about everything about the Nike+ app. Just the whole look of it makes it more impressive than it's rivals.
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    I use Strava for runs and really like it. It does what it should, seems accurate with the GPS, and you can set up regular announcements (I have it tell me my distance/time every half mile - it reduces the volume of my music, tells me the stats, then puts the music back up again).

    I was already using the Strava website so it made sense for me to use that app. There are various others that do the same thing. One thing I like about Strava is the limited battery burn - recording a half-hour run only uses about 6% of my battery, which is far lower than another GPS app that I use for recording bike rides.
  • I like run keeper on the iPhone 4s. Rarely loses GPS signal.
  • Just a suggestion - may be worth investing in a polar watch with a heart rate monitor. GPS is great on it, records your route and you can see what training zone you are working in. Some link up to iphones.
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    Training Peaks is pretty comprehensive and I used to use that and Strava when I ran with the phone.

    When I got serious about it all I ditched the phone and bought a Suunto Ambit 3.
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