Question re weight training

This is a question for those of you who have any knowledge about weight training.

I'm trying to get back into weight training (not easy with M.E.!) and have a question about the rest periods between sets. Whilst resting a particular muscle group, is it detrimental to perform another set using a different muscle group?

For example, whilst resting after a set of squats, is it ok to do a set for the back, rows, for example? Or maybe bench press for the chest?

I'm not able to lift heavy weights at the moment. Well, they're heavy for me, but light for anyone else!

Thanks in advance.


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    Good question, i'd be interested to know too! I can find out tomorrow unless someone else comes along before with the answer but most guys (not sure if you're m/f) do a leg day, a chest day etc and I know I have one upper body session and one lower each week so would never do bench press the same day as legs for example. I think the answer will be to use the rest to actually rest but someone will come and say!
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    1 to 5 minutes rest, its not particular a exact science. Though bodybuilder will rest less than strength training people.

    I rest as long as I need to.
    So I will rest longer when squatting than I do on curls.

    You can train different body parts in the same session, however its not particular common. Even people who do whole body sessions will do say legs 1st then, chest, then back etc.

    I may some times do this for my legs though
    1) stiff legged deads - rest 3 minutes
    2) leg press - rest 3 minutes
    3) stiff deads - rest 3 minutes
    4) leg press - rest 3 minutes
    Keep repeating to i do my desired number of sets.
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    There are lots of different ways you can structure workouts:

    one set of an exercise, followed by some rest;

    one set of an exercise followed immediately by one set of a different exercise that works a different muscle group, normally the opposing muscles, followed by rest (google "supersets");

    one set each of several different exercises following each other immediately, and then a rest (google "circuit training").

    There's probably others too, those are the ones I have used. I personally like to keep my workouts short, so I lift heavy enough that I can only do 6-8 reps, and rest for as little time as possible, and I often do circuits. You'll have to figure out what works best for you. There is an immense amount of information on the internet.
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    Thanks for your replies. UKTigerlily - I'm female :)

    I sometimes feel I need to leave about 5 minutes between sets, but I guess that's also down to my illlness (M.E.) as my body takes longer to recover from just about everything anyway!

    Cherryblosom -I will google supersets. Actually, I did a quick search a while back but my brain couldn't take in all the info, and although I came across supersets, I thought they were somethng else entirely. Hey ho. I'll try focus this time...

    Again thanks for your responses!
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    I know when I started at the gym they said to do one set of 16 of each then do a cardio then do another set of each for 16. It's a challenge when there's only 1 of each in the gym tho
    :T:T :beer: :beer::beer::beer: to the lil one :) :beer::beer::beer:
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    Pop on some of your preferred music whilst working out. Makes the workout seem quicker and you'll tend to rest less between sets.

    I've recently moved to a 1hr45m whole body in-house routine twice weekly so i'm glad for the distraction.
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    It all depends upon your goals. Muscle growth (hypertrophy), strength, fat loss etc

    It also depends upon how busy the gym is. If you're fighting for a bench it's tougher to move between equipment.

    Let us know what you're aiming for and we'll be better able to advise.
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