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Hi MFWs!

I used to post here a few years ago, but fell by the wayside, so to speak. I am just coming on here for advice, actually. I am within 3 months of paying off mortgage. - 1st August, it will be gone! Whilst that brings me much joy, it has also got me
soul searching a bit, which is where you lovely people come in!

I have been VERY unhappy at work for about 5 years now. I have a secure, well paid job, which many would say I would be mad to leave, but I am itching to give my notice in next week. So, I would potentially have no mortgage, but also no job. I have stayed there because I have been supporting my kids and overpaying mortgage, but now I am actually within spitting distance of being MF I really want to leave. My head says stay a couple more years and build up some savings, but my heart is screaming go! go!

Any advice???



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    How old are you? Close to retirement or not? I would stay but as you will have no mortgage your job opportunity window will open further as I should imagine your salary will be less important.

    You are at work along time and personally I always promised myself that happiness at work was much more important than salary. I saw my dad count down his day to retirement from about 5 year out

    Good luck whatever you do, and well done for clearing that mortgage
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    It depends

    Do you have any savings currently ?
    Do you want a break from work for a few months before finding something else ?

    if you have a bit of savings which could keep you going for a few months/year would be ideal go for it

    if not save up rest of this year then hand it in next year when you got saveings to keep you going :]
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  • What exactly do you not like about your job?
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    Maybe your dissatisfaction with the job is because of the sacrifices you made to overpay the mortgage and look after your kids. In your circumstances I would give the job another year, but also build a lot more fun into your life. Then the job may not seem so bad - after all, this particular one is less essential now. Of course, if a better opportunity comes up within that year then take it.
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    We managed to pay off our mortgage last year, mostly down to my well paid but very long hours, incredibly stressful job. As a result of paying off our mortgage I was able to hand my notice in and left within a few months. I have been able to take a pay cut of over half from what I was earning and after a year of moving from one job to another I have settled in a job that is 8-4pm, 5 days a week with no working at weekends or from home. I do my job and then I go home.

    My quality of life has increased 10 fold, even though we have less money. I wrestled with the dilemma of staying in a job I wasn't enjoying but earning enough to be able to save a substantial amount of money. In the end I decided my well being was more important and I'm so glad I did.

    Only you know how much your job is affecting you. I knew I was stressed out and unhappy but until I removed myself from the situation I didn't realise just how bad it was. Also you need to know how much money you can survive on and how much you need to be comfortable. We are comfortable, we have a budget for most things and try really hard to stick to it. We save up for things and sacrifice holidays for doing up the bathroom etc but it works for us.

    Being unhappy in your job is horrible. It makes everyday a chore and it drags you down. My opinion is if you can afford to change job then do it, as long as you are prepared to make some sacrifices along the way.
  • Hell1Hell1 Forumite
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    Thank you everyone for your replies, much food for thought. I am not near retirement, about 20 more years to go!

    You all make brilliant points. I have no savings apart from a small emergency amount. I know the best way to go would be to stay a couple more years and build up some savings, but I am still itching to hand in my notice.

    A friend suggested I stay till xmas, get paid over the summer and then leave.

    What do I hate about my job? Endless hard graft, very stressful, never given any praise, just always with the feeling you are not good enough. Rude and unpleasant co-worker, one in particular. Difficult managers, impossible targets. Have you guessed yet? I'm a teacher.

    Thanks for your ideas. I will have some hard thinking to do this week.

  • Secret_Saving_SquirrelSecret_Saving_Squirrel Forumite
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    As a teacher who has been in exactly the same position, I would support your friend's views. Have it in your mind to go at Christmas. You might find that now you no longer need the money so badly, that it affects your attitude and you will no longer take their targets so seriously. Then staying on longer will seem feasible. If you still hate it by October half term, walk then. Loads of jobs out there, in the South east, anyway, for teachers at present so you could find something more amenable.

    Good luck whatever you choose.

    Squirrel x
    Paid off mortgage nine years early in 2013. Now picking and choosing our work to fit in with the rest of our lives!
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    No job and no amount of money is worth more than your happiness.

    Leaving work is the worst thing you can do financially, but it sounds like something you must do.

    Are you sure you can't stick it out until the end of term so you get paid all through the summer?
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    Hi Hell1

    I could have written your original post myself. I am in a similar position but am currently sick from work due to a condition caused by my job.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. I understand how staying until next year seems impossible. Not helped by the fact teachers have to give such long notice.

    Bexster :)
  • TiggermadTiggermad Forumite
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    I did wonder if you were a teacher. I was a primary school teacher and I know so many people who have left. I hope you manage to make a decision that allows you to balance your work and home life.

    I couldn't do it, so left. I have been out of teaching just over a year and don't miss it in the slightest!
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