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Sainsburys nectar

in Supermarket coupons
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Check your sainsburys nectar vouchers. I just got a coupon for a free bottle of wine along with my money off spends coupons in the post.


  • angela110660angela110660 Forumite
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    Also check when you use double or triple point vouchers. I used one this morning which only added double the points I earned. is this correct? I queried with Customer Services and she added another lot of points on for me manually. If it says triple points then shouldn't it be triple what you have earned? Seems right to me.
  • SystemSystem Community Admin
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    You are getting triple points.

    Say you spent £40 on things you get points on. You are getting 40. Then triple points adds additional 80. Making it 120. Divide 120 by 40. Answer is three.
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    rockiedogrockiedog Forumite
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    1st online shop
    expires today
  • Kim_13Kim_13 Forumite
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    I got a coupon in the post yesterday for the free bottle of wine. Also had the money off spends for the first time ever, despite having a Nectar card for about 5 years.
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    i am using sainsburys less & less but my coupons are getting better & better like they want my business , used to be triple points on a £80 spend then £60 £50 £40 £30 and now its down to £20 which i rarely do in 1 transaction as i shop mostly at Lidl / Aldi
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  • wildesavingswildesavings Forumite
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    I got 4 vouchers for £12 off a £60 shop & a free bottle of wine - seems incredibly generous. Will spend them wisely over the next 4 weeks then go back to Aldi :D
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