Nationwide package account insurance discussion

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Nationwide package account insurance discussion

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This is a feedback thread for the insurance section of the packaged accounts available from:


Please share your experience with other MoneySavers, whether it be on the FlexPlus or FlexAccount. Click reply to take part:

Have you experienced problems with any of the following?
  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Car breakdown cover
  • Extended warranty
  • Identity theft with card assistance

How was your claim dealt with?

Thank you,

MSE Tony


  • I claimed from their travel insurance smoothly.
  • john1002john1002
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    Same here, claims process for hospital treatment was smooth and all was able to be done online and through scanned documents, speedy payout, very impressed.

  • I had to claim four years ago, on an ordinary Nationwide account when travel insurance was provided free. It was a horrendous experience, a real nightmare. UK Insurance were far more interested in trying to find ways to invalidate my claim rather than trying to help me. No-one ever got back to me as promised. I had a friend who had to be flown back from Africa as a medical emergency around the same time, also using the same insurance, and he also had a dreadful time getting the right help. I hope the service is better now that it's part of a packaged account.
  • We recently upgraded our nationwide current account to a FlexPlus, one of the main reasons for doing so was all the "freebies" - phone cover, breakdown, travel, etc. Within a couple of weeks my son dropped his pride and joy Galaxy S4 Mini and the screen shattered (thought they were supposed to be Gorilla glass). Went through the online claims process and printed out the paperwork, sent the claim documents to one address and the phone with the repair centre note in a padded Jiffy bag to the repair centre in Medway. Got a confirmation from the royal mail the package had been signed for the next day, that was two and a half weeks ago.
    Since then we have had variations of "the excess hasn't been paid" - it was, "we haven't received the phone", "we have received the phone and it's booked in for repair", that was about ten days ago. "We still haven't received the handset", "the package only contained the documentation" - BUT YOU SIGNED FOR IT ANYWAY AND TOLD ME THE HANDSET WAS BOOKED IN FOR REPAIR!!!!!
    The last conversation I had this morning after not getting the promised call-back last night was that they would look into it again "if they've got time"!! and call me back later. To be clear I've been dealing with the Flexplus helpline, not directly with the repair centre.
    I have now read lots of stories online when people are getting sub-standard replacements when their phones are either lost or unrepairable and am dreading what will happen next. If the repair centre signed for the package and are now claiming there was no handset in it either they have lost it since opening it or it was badly damaged on receipt. I can see a long journey ahead.
  • OK, FlexPlus are now sticking to the story that the package arrived undamaged but contained only the paperwork, no phone. When packing it I taped the phone face down to a piece of card so that it wouldn't slide around so much and put it with the repair centre form in a padded Jiffy bag. At the Post Office it weighed in at 170 grammes, 38g of Jiffy bag 10g of paper and about 107g of phone - that sort of adds up. Somehow the phone teleports out of the Jiffy bag in transit because the only other explanation is that someone with access to spares and the skills to carry out the repair has decided to give it a new home.
    So, I've started a claim with the Royal Mail for an item being lost in transit. Need to wait 30 days for a response. Not sure how that is going to turn out as technically they have completed their part of the job by delivering the parcel and getting a signature. If they don't pay up I suppose the next thing to try is claim from FlexPlus for a lost phone - they've already got my excess.
  • Chased up the Royal mail 1 month after starting the claim and they came back with a request to see the packaging the phone was sent in, about 6 weeks after the event! Decided it was next to useless but made the call anyway and guess what? The packaging no longer exists.
    More shocking than that though, FlexPlus suddenly did a massive U-turn and offered to replace the "lost" handset. I told them that as it had been so long and as we were looking at getting compensation from the Royal Mail we had already purchased a replacement phone so they immediately offered a cash alternative which was fair.
    Slight speed-bump in that they then sent out a confirmation email saying we had now reached our limit of 2 claims for this policy year and they also wanted the additional excess payment - so the repair and replacement of the same phone was being treated as 2 separate claims. Sorted that out with a quick phone call.
    Alls well that ends well - phew!
  • mcduff16mcduff16
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    I recently made a travel insurance claim (Flexplus account). Easy, smooth process and had the payout within a month. Would recommend
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