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    Excellent - passed onto a work colleague who's about to sit the test :)
  • scatz
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    webkami wrote: »
    There must be a confusion/problem in the test itself.
    I believe this is the question you are referring to

    Answer surely is "have valid motor insurance".

    Thanks webkami. I knew I was right. I took my test over a year ago now so it doesn't really bother me as I passed anyhow, still it would have been nice to have a 100%'er,
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  • cuppa-cha
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    hi thanx every1 for the links...i got a theory test this week...wish me the best
    it has changed since i did it 2 years ago.
    there are loads of questions that have been added
    smile...and the world will smile with you!
    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • emma396
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    just got 25/35. when i did it 3 years ago, i got 35/35 twice (took so long to pass the practical, the theory lapsed.)
  • doorwoman
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    I thought I would add this website:

    I'm currently studying for my theory test (booked for 31st Aug!!:eek: ) and I have found this website a life saver! It's compleatly free and you get a different test each time. You just have to login (but minimum info is needed) this means it can save the last 5 test results!! So far I've taken 31 tests and only failed 3:T ! Unfortunatly there is no Hazard Perception on this site (mind you there aren't any free sites that inclued this part of the test anyway). However there is a notice on the site saying that this will be coming soon!
  • thanks for that just sent all those links to my sister whos got her theory next week,
  • patman99
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    Passed my test 21 years ago, took both theory tests out of interest, got 28/35 for each.
    Best advice ever given to me about driving came from my Driving Instructress when I passed my test - "forget everything you have learned, throw the highway code out the window & drive by instinct".
    Must have been advice as never had a crash (unlike law-abiding friend who treats H/C like a Bible).
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  • bubbLez
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    well i cant drive and have never taken a lesson and got 18 right! not bad i reckon

    ahaha exactly the same mark i got and nor have i driven a car and my first lesson is next saturday :o i'm so nervous about the whole thing....

    thanks for those who posted the links for theory tests! they'll come in handy in the future for me :)
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  • crispeater
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    oh dear i got 25 out of 35 and i've been driving about 15 years lol

    would be nice to know what i failed on though :D
    It only seems kinky the first time.. :A
  • Mark_Ice
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    Just passed my LGV theory....... 54 and 65.

    Still leaves me thinking its a bloody swizz, for example starting the scoring before the actual hazard can be seen on the computer screen. Id like to see the statistics that show HP to be worth while and not just another con like the soon to be Drivers CPC!
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