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Does anyone know any good second hand furniture shops / charity shops / discount stores etc to get some bits and bobs from?

To start off the College Road Re-Use shop connected with the Recycling tip is great. So is the British Heart Foundation furniture shop in Aylesbury.

There is also a secondhand department (charity) store near the big Tesco in Aylesbury.

I just wish I could find some more as it is my favorite hobby rooting out a bargain.

Anybody got any more suggestions?


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    The public would rather shop for items such as books, clothing and furniture in charity shops than online marketplaces such as eBay or Gumtree, according to research by NfpSynergy.

    The study, which asked 1,000 people whether they would prefer to buy a range of goods from a charity shop, an online marketplace or neither, showed that charity shops ranked higher for all 16 categories, except food and toiletries.
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    I'll second the one near the big Tesco in Aylesbury. I don't get out that way very often but I've had some fantastic bargains there whenever I've visited.

    This website is a bit old, but has some great charity shop reviews.
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