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MSE News: 'In 2013 I owed £22,000. Now I'm debt-free'

in Debt-free wannabe
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We're celebrating 10 years of our Debt-Free Wannabe board and forum community this year...
Read the full story:

'In 2013 I owed £22,000. Now I'm debt-free'


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  • fermifermi Forumite
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    10,000 Posts Combo Breaker Intrepid Forum Explorer Rampant Recycler
    10 years. Wow.

    Is that today exactly?

    Happy Birthday DFW(s) :bdaycake:
    Free/impartial debt advice: National Debtline | StepChange Debt Charity | Find your local CAB

    IVA & fee charging DMP companies: Profits from misery, motivated ONLY by greed
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    jamesdjamesd Forumite
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    edited 7 May 2015 at 12:58PM
    Remember that there's nothing wrong with having debt, even unaffordable debt. What's wrong is being unfair to yourself and perhaps your family by not seeking help to get rid of it efficiently. Ask for help, you'll be glad you did! :)
  • tealadytealady Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Mortgage-free Glee! Debt-free and Proud!
    10 years ago I had a mortgage and I used a lot of DFW advice to get rid of it.
    This website has at times been an inspiration, a lifeline and a reference tool for cutting costs.
    Heres to the next 10 years, perhaps all we MSE fans need to pledge to spread the word to at least one other person, just think how much the whole country could save!
    Find out who you are and do that on purpose (thanks to Owain Wyn Jones quoting Dolly Parton)
  • VT82VT82 Forumite
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    "£22,000 in debt... learnt how to haggle with Sky"

    But not how to cancel Sky?
  • Sazzie23Sazzie23 Forumite
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    Ninth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker Post of the Month
    Happy birthday DFW board. I love you.:T
    Debt -it's a fight that I'm winning, dealing with debt one day at a time.
    Estimated DFD August 2018 - 2031 - now 2027 :T
    Guide dog Tess, missing Scotland 2 years
    DMP support no438.
  • this forum as helped me so so much, in the late night when i was so desperate and scared , (debts) I realised that there were other people out there often in a worse position than me. I have cried reading posts, wanted to give virtual hugs to total strangers. And many if I had the money would pay their debts for them!
    Thanks you (it) has been a life line, saved lots in interest over halved my debt in a few years, still got some but i have a very big light at the end of the tunnel now.
    Another virtual hug ..........
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