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Poll started 5 May 2015

What class are you?

It’s an old-fashioned concept, but still something that’s talked about. The aim is for you instinctively to say where you think you fit.

What social class do you see yourself in?

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click here.

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  • John_BirchJohn_Birch Forumite
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    Its a tough one - but really not that outdated. "Class", however defined, is still a much better predictor of future health, educational achievement etc. that anything almost anything else.
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    lkmc01lkmc01 Forumite
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    This post is a bit light hearted.

    I'm 30 years old, been though uni and an msc, 2 working parents, my dad is a sales accountant. parents live in a detached house which they bought themselves. I've bought a house. So these things, I assume make me middle class, my partner on the other hand I think is more from a working class family as he is happy being a coach driver working a 24 hr day, evenings and weekends. Saying that I am a housewife which I detest.

    This is a problem between us as I (with the upbringing I've had)wouldn't expect a 30 something with 2 kids to be happy working shifts including evening and weekends.

    As a family I see (weird I know but from my point of view) classes falling into 3 groups -
    1. those that can afford to take the immediate family to florida for 2 weeks and experience Disneyland etc
    2. those that think they can afford to go but are saving up for it, for say 8 years
    3. those that cant afford to go at all.
    Of course it depends of your priorities and if you want to go in the first place!!!

    So really I think how you feel about what class you are relates to your upbringing, parents jobs and education. Now I think about it though the class system probably started to fall apart when they opened University up to more people.
  • OblivionOblivion Forumite
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    My butler Spasm has just pointed out to me one glaring error. You missed out 'Aristocracy'! You can forget about your knighthood laddie. :mad:

    I shall be bringing this up at the next Ball Hunt. It used to be a Hunt Ball but we've fallen on hard times here at Chateau Oblivion. :(
    ... Dave
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    I am cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.
    Bring me sunshine in your smile
  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    While I know you're being lighthearted - what's interesting is you ultimately define class by wealth (or income or at least finance).

    For me the term incompasses more than that, it includes family background, education and more. So you could have a struggling poet who is the child of a former multi-millionaire Lord and on your definition they'd be in the third class - but in most views they wouldn't be working class?

    That's why this is a fascinating discussion :)
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  • nany65nany65 Forumite
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    Both of my parents were professionals. Both my husband and I are professionals. We own our own house and so do both of my children. Class is a state of mind and the problem with England is that everyone is trying to gain the status of middle to upper middle class. I know we have a Queen but this does not make us servants. Lets work towards a classless society and become humanitarians, instead of "What's in it for me Jack."
  • XRATXRAT Forumite
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    My thanks to Ikmc01, it's always interesting to hear other peoples perception of what defines 'class.'
    I break society down into 4 classes;
    'Upper' those who never have to work (living off income for generations) whilst living in style.
    'Middle' those who run companies. (Large ones)
    'Working' those who do work to live, including those with small businesses.
    'No intention of working' those who think benefits are free and choose them as a life choice.
  • I think class is definitely about how you were brought up. I class myself as middle class although I am in receipt of benefits. It's attitudes that make your class rather than finances.
  • yes, middle class benefit claimants are all I see around me.
  • bexster1975bexster1975 Forumite
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    I had no hesitation in saying I am working class. I agree it is a state of mind. I am proud to be working class. I was born working class and do not believe that anything I have done since changes that, nor would I want it to. I feel class is hugely devisive, and intended to set one group off against another. Simply another tactic utilised by Governments to stop us attacking who should be the real targets of people discontent.

    Bexster :)
  • stevemcolstevemcol Forumite
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    I try and argue I'm working class but in the end I reluctantly accept that I'm probably middle class. I think it came out as 'Technical Middle Class' in a BBC website questionaire. Anyway must dash, these cucumber sandwiches won't eat themselves.
    Apparently I'm 10 years old on MSE. Happy birthday to me...etc
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