Oh My god payday and i have money in the bank

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Today is the first payday since i signed up with payplan for a dmp. the first time in 10 years that my pay has been recevied and i have a positive balance, the joys of a new account.

the first payment to tyhe creditors goes out tomorrow, and then just 87 more payments to go to being debt free.

I can not beleive how liberating it is to see a bank account which is in the black.

Onward and upward as they say


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    Well done, that's wonderful news! It must feel great to have some actual money in your a/c rather than just less of an O/D!:j:j:j
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    oh it is i cant remember the last time my account went out of the red. This morning i have been told by 3 of my creditors all catalogues, that they will stop adding charges and interest, now if the other 6 do the same that would be fabulous, The halifax rang this morning to tell me they probably would do so but would confirm in the next day or so. I know it is the start of a very long journey, 7 years and 3 months infact, but that just doesn't seem so bad any more. I have also had a load of sales on facebook pages this week, so far about £100 , now is it all right to try and build a small nest egg for emergency's or must i hand this money over to payplan, xx
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  • teeniteeni Forumite
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    I know the title may seem a bit wierd but i genuinely cant remember the last ime my account was in the black, I have 43k to clear in debt and this is the start, to say i am frightened is an under statment im petrified, but i will get there ,
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    I would go with your instinct Teeni, and use the money from your ebay sales to start an emergency fund in case the car / boiler / washing machine or whatever needs repair or replacement.

    Good luck with your journey :)
  • teeniteeni Forumite
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    i agree after giving it lots of thought i have decided an emergency fund is essential now i have no credit to rely upon.

    I have sold quite a bit this week and have now got £150 in the emergency fund. I think i am going to try and get £500 then any thing else will throw at the debts.,
  • teeniteeni Forumite
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    well it seems so long since i contacted payplan and agreed to enter a dmp, in reality it has been 2 weeks, 2 very catalogues, ambrose wilson catalogue and now today barclaycard have agreed to put accs on hold for 30 days for paypal to contact them.
    They have taken the first installment off me, £519 instead of the minimum payments of £1400 i had been robbing peter to pay paul to pay. This has not just shown up on my account though despite being paid on friday last week apparently it takes 5 days to clear through the system, what ever happened to faster payments? Any way 2 weeks after payday i still have money in the bank, my hubby will be paid on friday and for the first time in over 10 years my account is not in the red. Onward and upward as they say
  • teeniteeni Forumite
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    well 3 of my creditors have accepted the offer and agreed to stop charges and interest, all with the Halifax 2 o/d and a loan.
    6 Left to reply to the offer letters, the payments aren't showing on the accounts yet but they must have received them just waiting to go through their systems .

    I have robbed Peter to pay Paul for so long i cant get used to having a positive balance in the bank account, I know i keep saying it but it is so strange .
  • teeniteeni Forumite
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    Ok this week i have had 3 letters from creditors 3 from the halifax ,2 relating to current accounts , and they have accepted the offer and agreed to stop adding interest and charges, yippee, the third is a halifax loan and they have agreed to accept the reduced payment for 6 months but not to stop adding interest, the payment is less than the interest added so in 6 months time the debt will have increased significantly, I have asked payplan to go back to them and ask again. And finally i have had 2 letters one from from barclaycard (1) and one from littlewoods credit card (2) agreeing to hold interest for 28 days whilst they consider the offer.

    Not heard anything from Aqua credit card so hopefully will get something from them soon.

    I feel so much better looking at my bank balance and seeing it in credit si fabulous,
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    Well done you. Isn't it great when you feel you can actually do this
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