Ring redesign?

My OH wants to use a family heirloom ring as my engagement ring but its not the right size and the jeweller said it can't be made small enough.

The ring has 6 diamonds. I have another ring with 1 biggish ruby and 2 smaller ones.

He came up with the idea of having the diamonds from his ring made into something in another shape. I don't think my finger could accommodate 6 diamonds no matter what shape!

We decided to use some of the diamonds for an engagement ring and then use the rest and the rubies to make an eternity ring or something to put away for a daughter if we ever find a surrogate.

Does anyone know where we could have this done, preferably close to Glasgow? We would prefer white gold.


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    Hi Glaswejen, I think your idea sounds brilliant! :)

    Could you maybe go to Birmingham or London as a trip away and incorporate a visit to the Jewellery Quarter (Brum) or Hatton Garden (London) whilst you're there? Both would have jewellers who would be able to do this.
  • Don't know your area I'm afraid, but have you tried local jewellers? My local independent one will melt down old rings and make new things from them, as well as help design a ring using fancy software on the computer.
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    My partner who is a gemmologist, did exactly this with our rings, which were made from an antique jewellery piece no longer useful - she designed the rings with a concept idea and rough sketches and then had a good manufacturing jeweller in Birmingham's jewellery quarter make them up in Platinum and set the stones. Cost was a fraction of their value now -really,really worth it if you have good stones. The jeweller had a design team with special cad software for jewellery design in 3D and sent lots of pics before the design was agreed and manufactured.
  • Hi GlasweJen

    I know its a bit further out but there is a place in Perth called the Jewellery Workshop on the old high street and the woman there would be able to help you with this. My mum has had some old jewellery re-designed there and the pieces are gorgeous, she even got her wedding band made there!

    Hope this helps and good luck :)
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    As an idea could you maybe have earrings made from some stones?
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