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40th Birthday Party??????

Hi All

Be gentle this is my first post..
What do I do for my beloved other half for her 40tieth birthday.

Things I can't do:
1) Not interested in gambling or Vegas. Hates it are her words.
2) Not into sports in any way shape or form.
3) Not competitive.
4) Doesn't like going fast.
5) Fear of heights etc
6) She does not like e-readers prefers proper books.

Also we have 2 children one who is autistic therefore finding a baby sitter is difficult.
Also going away on are own overnight is not possible due to the above.
I could organise a meal and a night out but that seems a bit lame for a 40tieth birthday.

I know what she does want but isn't possible. To see the Northern lights - childcare issues.
Or to have a new car - not enough money and can't afford scupper that one.

Any other ideas anyone?


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