40th birthday present

Has anyone got any ideas on a 40th birthday present for a male friend? We normally just send each other cards but he's having a big 40th birthday party so I want to get him a gift. Has anyone got any suggestions? I am rubbish at thinking of gift ideas. :(


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    Can anyone suggest gift for mother's 65th birthday ? We would appreciate ideas or suggestion please !
    Rebecca I gave a Spa Day voucher to Tim's 40th,which he enjoyed as he has a stressful job.
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    I think the best option is a special present. I was in Krakow one month ago and I always go to a lot of party. I never got borried. If you like give a diferent and funy present. If you like search in google: party krakow
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    It would depend on your budget. And did you want something personal or generic?

    Stormtrooper - a cream tea voucher. If I could have one thing for my 65th off my daughter, it would be an outing whether it be shops, cinema or similar. Being made a fuss of with coffee, lunch and no mobile phone, just time spent together. Lol x
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  • Yeah..i gifted my bestie a lovely personalized photo frame with a memorable photo imprinted on it. He was totally stunned when looking at the photo!! So, try to create a surprise with a unique gift..
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