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My Planet experience

edited 2 April 2015 at 11:24AM in Green & ethical MoneySaving
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beverkbeverk Forumite
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edited 2 April 2015 at 11:24AM in Green & ethical MoneySaving
This is a sorry tale, I thought I'd got a great deal, a 4Kw 12x327panel system with immersion booster switch for £6 K and all was going well the EPC survey went ahead ..all ok with that and an installation date set but then...
Quote from a complaint to My Planet customer services, I have to tell you all about..
"I should have had a system ( 12 panels @327w etc).. installed today at 10.30 am start arranged but no one has turned up.
I was rang yesterday by [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM](your rep)who said that your company head office had been in touch with him and couldn't supply the 327w panels and that you wanted to substitute lower rated panels and a new contract drawn up and sent to me. I stated that this was unacceptable to me and could I speak to his superior. A person called [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] subsequently rang me and stated that your company wouldn't supply that panel (327w) at the price agreed and that the representative had made an error ( even though he had checked with his manager
that the price was alright before he offered it ). [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] went further to say that he would redraw the contract and give another £500 off the lower rated panel system 2.5Kw or it would be an extra £2000 for the contracted system specified.
I stated that this was also unacceptable and I expected you (My Planet) to stand by the signed existing and fully paid for contact.A cheque for £6000 was given to [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] when the agreement was signed and was cashed by My Planet. I
also said that all his proposals to alter the contract and why be put in writing."
This was a couple of weeks ago since then I have involved HIES, a trade organisation which offers mediation and a Ombudsman service. Although they broke the contract HIES accept that is was a genuine error by the representative and and that my options were to ask for my money back or take it to Ombudsman service which he said would take months to get my money back.I opted for contract cancellation and money back.
Since then the [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] have been on holiday and the lady in accounts is off till next week and no one else can write cheques .Next they say its in the post or the computer is broke or the pen has ran out of ink.
Has any else used HIES to mediate or this Ombudsman, My Planet seem to be giving them the runaround .I know I was stupid but it all seemed so good.


  • Martyn1981Martyn1981 Forumite
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    Mart. Cardiff. 5.58 kWp PV systems (3.58 ESE & 2.0 WNW)

    For general PV advice please see the PV FAQ thread on the Green & Ethical Board.
  • tunneltunnel Forumite
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    Why faff around with a mediator, if you have a signed, paid for contract that's been ok'd by their manager then either they honour the contract or refund. By the sounds of it a refund is probably the best option and it may be better to send them a "letter before action"(just google it you'll find plenty of templates). Don't !!!!! foot around, give them 1 week to comply then sue their $ss off for breaking a signed contract, if it's the same company that Mart linked to they will soon be trying to fix things once they know they're receiving bad press AGAIN.

    As a footnote, the £6k you were quoted for the 12 x 327W panels with an immersion diverter is around the price you'd expect to pay, NOT the £8k they are trying to now charge you
    2 kWp SEbE , 2kWp SSW & 2.5kWp sunny North Derbyshire
  • ed110220ed110220 Forumite
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    I was quoted £5995 for 12x Benq 330W panels. Sunpower are more but not hugely so. So it seems the original quote was pretty realistic/competitive and not some loss making blunder on their part.

    Solar install June 2022, Bath
    4.8 kW array, Growatt SPH5000 inverter, 2x Growatt ML33RTA batteries.
    SSW roof. ~22° pitch, BISF house. 12 x 400W Hyundai panels
  • pinnkspinnks Forumite
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    What concerns me is that you were expected to pay up front. A deposit I can understand but I would shy away from any business that wants full payment for anything before it is installed.
    Wiltshire - 5.25kWp
    3.5kWp: 14 x Phono Solar 250 Onyx, Sunny Boy 4000TL, WSW 40 degrees, June 2013
    1.75kWp: 7 x Phono Solar 250 Onyx, Sunny Boy 1600TL, SSE 45 degrees, March 2014
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