Just got engaged! Where to begin...

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rainbooboorainbooboo Forumite
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Hi all, my boyfriend proposed last weekend! YAY! :j

I am super happy and excited, although I have to admit to feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities, options and decisions to make! Iam one of those people who struggles to make a decision and stick to it ha ha, always see something better once I have picked/booked something!

My friend has suggested going on Pinterest to get some ideas going, but I thought also it would be nice tohave a scrapbook of some sort to look back through when we are (hopefully) old and decrepit. Any ideas of where does a decent but reasonable type book forthis type of thing?

I have found some lovely pads in The Works but they are all lined and I want plain.

Happy Thursday to everybody! :A


  • rochjarochja Forumite
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    Congratulations to both of you. Once upon a time the sort of thing you are talking about was called a photo album. You used to use self adhesive corner pockets to stick a glossy paper photograph onto a woven 'page' and archive on a 'bookshelf' after adding descriptive notes using a 'fountain pen'. Seriously though, if you keep your eyes open long enough you will probably find what you are after in the Works. The stock changes quite regularly.
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    Congratulations! Come join us on the weddings board :beer:
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