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I am absolutely terrified of the dentist and as such I haven't been in a pretty long time (5 years, I think..). I definitely think I might need a filling but I'm really, really nervous.

My previous dentist was very judgemental and would get angry at me for being nervous and "wasting his time", he also accidentally broke one of my teeth and I had to get a crown which I don't think is fitted right and I spend a lot of time worrying it will one day fall out or something which is just adding to my anxiety!

Can anyone recommend me a understanding, non judgemental dentist in the Airdrie/ Coatbridge area? If not, anywhere in North Lanarkshire or Glasgow will do. I'm willing to travel to see someone good.


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    Patrick dental clinic. Despite me acting as if the dentist is an axe murderer, he is very nice and understanding. They also do sedation appointments, although you need someone to collect you afterwards. It's just a wee jag, then although you're awake you won't remember any of it. I also had a butcher dentist previously :(
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    There is a great dental practice in Shettleston Rd, across from the job centre. My own dentist is Miss Tierney and she was recommended by several people.
    The other dentists in the practice also seem nice, supportive and good with nervous patients
    Phone number is 0141 778 3016
    You can get a bus to Shettleston Rd or get the train to Shettleston Station, it's about a 10 minute walk from there.
    Linda x
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    Thanks guys! I'll definitely check those out when I've exhausted wandering past the dentist offices here in the hopes of working up the courage to go in! I'd rather find someone out here because I don't want to be a nervous wreck driving over!

    I was also hoping to find an nhs dentist since I'm a student and I'm slightly paranoid a dentist will take a look and tell me I need to pay thousands! I don't mind paying extra for a white filling or whatever, but I really don't want to be paying hundreds! x
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    jk88 wrote: »
    I was also hoping to find an nhs dentist since I'm a student

    Until I read this bit of your post I was going to tell you about Hypnoval which is what I get. However it costs £90 a pop!!

    A number of my daughter's friends got free treatment by going to the Dental School in Glasgow


    I'm not sure if you would get treatment with Hypnoval there but I guess they have to practice on someone so what have you got to lose by trying?
  • I go to buchanan dental practice in Coatbridge. My dentist is Phil and he is lovely. There is a woman dentist there too who is great with my kids.
    Some of my friends go to blairhill practice they say the guy there is really good too. Give them a call and explain you are nervous and see who seems the best fit for you.
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