Reduced fat edam cheese

Hi all,

Any ideas where to buy reduced fat edam cheese? I've tried all the shops on mysupermarket but none have it (I'm in Crewe/Cheshire). It was recommended by a dietician for cottage cheese haters like me :) Also do you think cheese spread means diet dairylea type stuff or more philadelphia type? I know it doesn't have to branded but that's the only way I can think to describe them.

Thanks in advance folks x


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    Reduced fat cheddar, brie (French cheese) or Mozzarella are available if you can not find edam.

    I have not seen reduced fat edam on sale
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    Have you tried Leerdammer Light?
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    Edam is naturally lower in fat than Cheddar (25% fat in Edam compared to 35% fat in cheddar) but I have never seen low fat Edam for sale.

    Spread cheese (such as Philadelphia) will be lower in fat than hard cheese (more moisture content = less fat content) but dairylea is more like a cheese flavour spread than just being cheese. But just checkout the fat content on the label and make a decision.

    Generally though if you are using it for eating (rather than cooking) as it is you will feel happier eating half the quantity of full fat cheese instead of eating half fat cheese. The fat coats the tastebuds and leaves you feeling more satisfied.
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    edam is low fat never seen reduced fat edam don't think it exsists
  • stephen77stephen77 Forumite
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    WIth some low / reduced fat cheese. Watch the protein content as they can be lower as well.

    the protein can help fill you up.
  • amyandoliamyandoli Forumite
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    Thankyou everyone for your replies x I bought a bit of everything thought Id try it all and see what works. I've not tried any diet cheeses before. I use it for eating and cooking.
  • themull1themull1 Forumite
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    Reduced fat edam does exist but tastes like rubber. I would never buy it again.
  • What are the health benefits of a reduced fat cheese? The saturated fats in cheese are the "good" fats. They reduce the glycemic index, in the long run they are more beneficial than no or little fat in your diet.
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