Need a new A3 printer...driving me insane

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Has anyone got an A3 printer they recommend? I have been googling all evening and not getting anywhere.

I did kind of decide on the EPSON Expression Photo XP-950, it seems to have a low cost per page(a lot of the customer reviews say otherwise but with 6 cartridges at about £10 each I can imagine they need changing regularly sheerly due to the size of them not because the printer is eating the ink google seems to think it's under 9p for colour page and these are the XL carts to.)

The reason I'm still unsure is their seems to be a lot of mixed reviews on them being a lot of hassle....hours of phone calls to tech support kind of hassle (so some reviews tell me) and another that really hit me is someone said once the ink starts to run low you can see the quality being affected despite their being more then enough ink.

Photo quality is important to me but saying that I currently am using the HP Officejet Pro 8610 and I've never had a complaint on my printing quality (Google tells me this is between 4-8p a page) and admittedly it IS a pain (or was) as I have now got used to it's maintenance issues and can sort them out straight away I have spent hours pulling my hair out over it but I absolutely love it now but the need for A3 is here.

There is another A3 HP printer but someone has said that when they print A3 they have to press print and then feed the paper in...not great as I have two little kids I like to print from lappie downstairs.

Price for printer itself is not to much of an issue but price per page is... one told me it costs over £2 per page to print an A3 photo...I'm not great with this stuff I can only go on what I read so if anyone *does* have any advice or can recommend one...
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