Can anyone recommend a Piano buyer in Hampshire please?

My son is at university and kindly left behind his piano. As it no longer gets played and we need the space I have tried a couple of shops to see if they would be interested in buying it (with my sons permission of course). I didn't realise how hard and frustrating trying to sell a piano is. The people I have contacted either don't return your phone calls or emails. We need a quick sale as we have a daughter just starting college and now need the space for her art work.
Can anyone suggest anyone please?


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    Unless it is of exceptional quality you should think in terms of giving it away... When I was looking for one there were any number available on Freecycle, with people complaining that they had often been let down by others who promised to remove their piano and then failed to do so.
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    I agree with the previous poster; second hand pianos have very little value unless maybe it's nearly new or a prestigious manufacturer.

    If you know any piano teachers in the area, they might have a student looking for a piano.
  • Unless the piano is an exceptionally good one, you will have to pay to have it removed, or try Freecycle. I have just given one away which was a lovely sounding overstrung one and took me to Grade Eight but still not really worth anything.
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    thank you all for your replies. well it looks like i'm stuck with the thing now then as it weighs a tone, BUT it's a lovely bit of furniture so I suppose it can stay and give my house more character although I do need the space we will have to work around it.
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