Greek Wedding Planning

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Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone has married in Greece recently and organised the civil ceremony themselves?
I want to get married in Rethymnon next August in Crete and have contacted various Wedding Planners who are all lovely and helpful but are quite expensive!
I have contacted the venue where I want to marry which is St Lazarus’s Chapel and they have said it is 150EUR for the ceremony but the company’s quotes range from 1250EUR to 2500EUR!
The issue I have is that there needs to be several documents in place with Apostle Stamps and all have to be translated in to Greek by an approved translator. I would also need a translator at the venue to translate the ceremony in to English.
I know if I do it myself it will be considerably cheaper but the last thing I want to do is get it wrong!
If there is anybody out there who has done it themselves or is familiar with the process can you help?
Where do I get documents officially translated?
Where can I find a translator for the day?
Do I have to notify someone or put in a local paper before the wedding?
Does anyone know of a interpreter who works in the crete area?
Hope someone can help! :)


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