Stannah Stairlift typical costs here

Just some info for anyone looking at buying a stairlift. For most people, it’s something that you need in a hurry and I thought it would be like inviting a double glazing salesman round with no idea what the going rate was.
I used a company that I found online called Premiere Mobility. They say they travel about 50 miles from their base in Leicester. They even advertised their prices online which gave me a bit of confidence. I had a good idea what I wanted based upon a lot of reading. I did call other companies but the costs were always higher than a comparable Stannah, which I felt was a trusted brand.
Salesman turned up on time, measured up and advised me that the cheaper Stannah option would do everything I wanted it to do for £400 less. No hard sell. He even told me to take my time and give him a call when I’d decided.
Went for the cheaper option but wanted a new design of retractable rail which Stannah had just brought out. Paid 33% deposit and the order went in. Supplied and fitted 2 weeks later. As it was a new rail, I even had Stannah training the Premiere Mobility fitter on the job so I had two installation guys.
They gave a full demo and answered all of my (many) questions. One year warranty as opposed to the 2 had I gone direct to Stannah but based on my neighbours costs last year, expect the same thing to cost about 50% more if you go to Stannah directly.
Premiere offered an extended warranty but again didn’t hard sell. In face I’m not sure they even mentioned it. I just saw it as an option on the invoice at £425 for an extra 4 years. I didn’t go for it as I guess I’d have to pay for an annual service as well. I’ve seen online companies that offer warranties without the annual service requirement
Overall I’d highly recommend them, but even if they are too far away for you to use them, hopefully this gives you an indication of what you can expect to pay.


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    You state "Typical costs here", but as far as I can see the only prices mentioned are the £400 less you paid and the £425 for the extended warranty ! So what was the total cost to you then ??
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