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Hi, my mum is my dads carer. He has a very bad heart condition and other health issues. Is it true they can get a 25 per cent reduction on their council tax? If so, can any of this be back dated, as she has been his carer since 2008 and we only read an article on this today. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks


  • Your parents can apply for a reduction in their council tax based on their income. If it is low (and I'm assuming it is), then it is possible that they will pay a lower amount of council tax.

    The only way council tax is reduced because of disabilities as far as I am aware is either reduced mental capacity or additional room for disability. The first, reduced mental capacity, I believe refers to people with a severe learning disability, dementia, or similar. The second refers to an additional kitchen, bathroom, or treatment room specifically for the benefit of the disabled person. In my area, this reduces council tax to the band below (my house is band C, but as we have a wetroom for my son, due to his disabilities, the amount payable is reduced to band B amount).

    If any rebate is due, I doubt if the council will backdate to 2008. Normally, backdating is only for three months. Not knowing about something doesn't mean that backdating can be awarded for several years.

    I assume that your parents are claiming any benefits that they should. It might be worth checking on turn2us or another benefits calculator. If you have a carer's centre local to your parents, your mum can join free of charge. They can give support, and will usually check your parents benefit entitlements.
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    But life can be full of surprises! When I found out a few years ago, (through MSE), that I could get a 25% reduction Council Tax, because my late DH had Alzheimer's, I contacted my LA.

    They sent a very simple form, which I completed, and my GP completed the reverse. Because my GP had something in writing, that he could refer to, confirming when Alzheimer's was first diagnosed, the 25% reduction applied to that year, and was back dated for a further 6 years.

    The money refunded covered a new bed and a relax and rise chair for DH, so it was very much appreciated. Good luck!

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