Please stop cruelty to dogs before killing

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  • Yeah...there is "for human use/consumption/enjoyment" missing from my sentence I admit...
  • I used to think that, but realised my cats were carnivores. I tried tofu but they weren't keen;)

    With a natural diet of rodents and birds - not cows, sheep, pigs etc.
  • Or experimented on.

    Personally, I'm quite relieved that a bunch of rabbits died so my cancer could be cured.

    If it's a choice between a bunny and me, the bunny gets it every time.
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    Are you seriously THAT naive? Do you have any idea about those "modern slaughterhouses"?

    Seriously.... do some research before coming with this nonsense....[/QUOTE]

    Yes I am THAT niave and proud to be. I'm not obliged to do research before posting my opinion. And I did sign the slaughterhouse petition when it was first published.

    I believe I have to be realistic and accept that many more people in this world eat meat than don't. But I can ask them to treat the animals they rear and kill for food with as much kindness, dignity, respect etc as possible. Modern slaughterhouse rules must be better for the Korean dogs than what they have now, even if there should be far better standards than slaughterhouses have now.

    I accept that you think my request is nonsense but I posted with an innocent heartfelt wish to do a tiny something to help stop the dogs being tortured. I'm not expecting everyone to agree with me.

    I understand and agree that there are many other cruel things in the world that humans do and I have opinions on those too but here I was just highlighting the poor dogs.
    "Any more posts you want to make on something you obviously know very little about?"
    Is an actual reaction to my posts, so please don't rely on anything I say. :)
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