What? No Princes Mackerel Fillets thread?

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I'm an avid consumer of Princes Mackerel tinned fillets. They contain 3 times the amount of Omega-3 than their own-brand counterpart. The problem is they are quite expensive (around £1.40 to £1.70 a tin).

Occasionally they are to be found in special promotions at £1 a tin for a limited time. I try to catch up on these offers on mysupermarkets.co.uk, but they are a bit of a hit and miss. Sometimes smaller stores (Tesco Metro or Sainsbury's Express) don't carry the same offer as their bigger stores.

With a bit of luck they are also to be found at Poundland.

Please post where you have found a discounted Princes Mackerel tin and for how long the offer is valid.

[Apparently Sainsbury's should have them for a pound, but my local is a smaller city shop and I am not sure if they have it. I'm going to check ASAP].


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