Thinking of moving to England for Scotland, what happens to my bus pass?

Do I move to area then apply for a new one, or just give details of my Scottish one, and does my Scottish one stop working fast after I move etc or is it still valid till expiry date?


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    You will need to reapply in your new area rather than just giving details of the old pass. Check the requirements as they differ; I lived in one place that wanted you to send a GP letter dated within 3 months and another that wanted the GP to fill in a specific form. Contact the council for that area and ask what to do. Or ask in a local library. My local library processes applications and will even take your photo for free. The council website should have a list of libraries that do this.

    Your old pass will continue to work but you should really stop using it once you have the new one.
  • You need to re apply a scotish pass is not valid in England And vice versa
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