PIP appeal please advice?

Hi. my friend had PIP assessment few weeks ago she been awarded 0 points but after Reconsedration today she got new decition which they gives her 4points Daily Living and 10points Mobility awarded lower rate untill 2019. she is not happy about Dailiy living and she feels thier decition is wrong .we send new Gp letters and wrote that she should get 19 points for Daily Livining but they just gave her 4points. my question is can she ask for another reconsedration? if not how long it takes to get hearing from trbunal? i heard its quicker if you ask for paper hearing? she got good supporting evdince we realy shocked that they didnt award her Daily Living this is not fair. please any advice be helpfull. thanks


  • She cannot ask for a new reconsideration.
    She must proceed to a tribunal.
    A tribunal dealing with the case on paper will likely take less time to get to than an in-person one.
    But, paper tribunals find for the claimant less.

    The tribunal may also remove the reconsidered award.
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