Smugglers Cove Dream wedding

Hi my partner and i have booked our dream wedding at the Smugglers Cove Resort in St Lucia for August 2015, two weeks including the wedding ceremony, fabulous a dream come true. However we have recently discovered on the internet that the Smugglers Cove is now being demolished in April 2015 so our dream is now a nightmare! We have paid a deposit of £475 and we have had a call from Virgin holidays to say that we will not be able to have our wedding in Smugglers Cove now and they will look into finding us an alternative. We took great care in choosing the place of our dream wedding and now it seems we will have to get married in another place we have no choice in. Also the trip was going to cost around £4500 in the sales, now the sales are over we have looked and they are around £7000!!!! for similar weddings at St. Lucia.
We are devastated and are wondering if anyone else is in the same position.
Help us Martin what should we do?


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    I know St L well and have travelled there many times with virgin holidays....
    What alternatives are you being offered in terms of places to stay and to marry at....?
    what alternatives are they offering you in your price range and are they offering to transfer your booking without additional charges.

    I understand that you will have chosen the location of smugglers as being the best one for you but there are really some very lovely places to also get married on the island, first find out what they are offering as an alternative and make a decision from there about whether you want to proceed with the should be able to be refunded your deposit in full if you feel that what is offered is not suitable.
    frugal October...£41.82 of £40 food shopping spend for the 2 of us!

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  • I can recommend Rendezvous - went there for my 10th wedding anniversary - but it's couples only
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    I was also thinking of rendevous...its got a lovely beach setting and also very easy to get around....but couples only.
    If you want something thats more of a garden setting then Eastwinds is the place to look at...its much smaller and I have attended several weddings there over the years.It is beachfront and also very private although the beach isnt its best feature,the gardens cant be beaten!
    frugal October...£41.82 of £40 food shopping spend for the 2 of us!

    2017 toiletries challenge 179 out 145 in ...£18.64 spend
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